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Mikhailovich Matins

born in 1926

Biography and information


B. in c. Small Perekopnoe Saratov province. In 1950 he graduated from Saratov art College, in 1959 - the faculty of theory and history of art of Leningrad Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. Repin. The author of the memorial sign in honor of the founding of the city of Zheleznogorsk (in collaboration with V. P. by Semenikhin and V. V. Kapustin, see Fig. the article Zheleznogorsk). In 1967 in collaboration with the Kursk architect V. P. by Semenihina created the project of a monument in honor of Arab-Soviet friendship in the town of Aswan (Egypt), which won the contest the second place, losing the championship to the project of the sculptor E. Unknown. Z. in collaboration with V. V. Kapustin is also the author of the stele "Heroes of Kursk" which was established may 9, 1966 in red square of Kursk (the day of the 50th anniversary of Soviet power on 7 November 1967 at a large rally in the left side of the stele was enclosed capsule with a letter to the Kursk 2017, which was taken out in the early 1990s), and the stele-a monument to "Fighters for Soviet power in Kursk", mounted on 6 November 1972 on the Soviet square (at the corner of Dzerzhinsky and Lunacharsky) on the site of the former cinema "the Giant" where November 26, 1917 was proclaimed Soviet power in Kursk province. The monumental part of the stele "to the Fighters for Soviet power" is made in the form of a symbolic flagpole with rising (or falling) banner. On the granite Stela carved 81 surname died in the struggle for the establishment of Soviet power in the period from 1917 to 1922.

Z. is also the author of the picture "Youth" (1974), "Timona" (1974), "Kursk" (1980); tapestry "Timone" (1976), "In one family" (1983), "Victory" (1984); and many of the paintings stored in the Kursk regional art gallery named after A. A. Deineka, the Directorate of exhibitions of the Union of artists of Russia, the Kursk regional local lore Museum, etc.

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