Alexandrovich Zelensky

Russia • born in 1914

The poster. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Born 1914 in Petrograd.

1925-1927 Learn in the Studio of S. M. Seidenberg in Leningrad.

1930-1932 Studying in the Studio of K. Yuon in Moscow.

1932-1933 At the Moscow art school at S. I. Frolov.

1933-1939 Studying at the Moscow art-industrial school at S. F. Nikolaev.

From 1934 he worked mainly in the poster and commercial advertising. Performed a series of posters for theatrical performances and circus representations.

The 1950-1960-ies Engaged in social-political poster. Illustrated and designed books for "Politizdat", publishing house "Young guard"; made drawings for magazines, worked in applied graphics - labels, trademarks, etc.

1984 Died in Moscow.

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