Ivanovich Zubkov

Russia • 1883−1933

Born 16 (28) February 1883 in the village of Deryagino vyaznikovskogo district of Vladimir province. Member of the Union of artists of the RSFSR in 1934. Hereditary icon painter. In the years 1893-1899 he studied in the Studio of the brothers Belousovich from the master of D. I. Salamina, then it worked. He studied wall painting in Samara, painted the walls of churches in various cities. In 1905-1907 he was a member of an underground revolutionary group. One of uchrediteley artel of ancient painting (4 December 1924). He taught at the vocational school. One of the leading masters of Palekh lacquer miniatures. Shuya died in hospital on February 10, 1938.

Miniatures, I. I. Zubkov distinguished by the ornamentation in the development of form in painting gold. In iconography adhered dago harmony direction. His work is realistic in form and in content, but summarized with the traditions. Was engaged in monumental painting (the Palace of pioneers in Leningrad (1936), the sanatorium in Sochi (1937)), design of books, wrote poetry. Themes of works: folklore, literature, landscape, modern village genre scenes. Participated in exhibitions since 1925.

I. I. Zubkov are in museums: gmpi, state Tretyakov gallery, state Russian Museum, St. Umgeni, PIM, SHAMS, Ivanovo OXM, OXM Kostroma, Russian Museum of A. S. Pushkin "Moika 12", Pushkin house Museum, DEM, CMS.

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