Pavlovich Ryabushinsky

Russia • 1877−1951

Brother D., V. P. Ryabushinsky. Graduated From Moscow. commercial Institute (1896). In 1901 out of the family business "T-manufactories M. P. Ryabushinsky with his sons", lived in a Bohemian atmosphere in Moscow and abroad. In 1906-09 publisher well. "The Golden fleece". After 1917 he served as a consultant and evaluator manuf. art. Since 1922 in exile in France. SB-Ki "Stories" (1903-04), is the story "Confession" (1906), etc. manuf.

Gatherer of Russian and Western European paintings, Antiques. Came from a famous family ryabushinskys. After his father's death left the "Partnership manufactories of M. P. Ryabushinsky with his sons" and received his hereditary share of parental wealth, plunged into the world of the Moscow Bohemia.

Ryabushinsky N. P. have linked their philanthropic activities with national fine art. He sought to become the organizing centre of symbolism, to raise his value and prestige in the artistic and cultural life of Moscow. Before him was an example of Diaghilev, S. P., and Ryabushinsky, N. P. decided to play the role of the successor of the St. Petersburg philanthropist and to continue the tradition of the "World of arts" Diaghilev P. S.

He decided to organize the production of art illustrated magazine under the name "Golden fleece". To participate in this project Ryabushinsky, N. P. invited: K. A. Somov, E. E. Lansere, and Ostroumov, L. S. Bakst, A., Nanua. They were all graduates of the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture. The debut of the group was the exhibition "scarlet rose", held in AP 1904-IN 1904 in Saratov. The editors of the magazine "Golden fleece" was located on Novinsky Boulevard, near the mansion of F. I. Shalyapin, the magazine had a large format, printed in Golden font in two columns in Russian and French. The magazine shone as illustrations. It was an expensive edition, annual subscription cost 15 rubles. However, the cost of producing the magazine was not off, and Ryabushinsky, N. P. had a large part to reimburse from its own funds. To K. 1906 the income from the sale of the "Golden fleece" amounted to 12 thousand rubles., and expenses exceeded 80 thousand In 1907 to the design of the magazine changed, it became less format, gone is the translation into French, reduced the number of illustrations.

Imitating Diaghilev S. P. Ryabushinsky, N. P. tried to follow in his footsteps and in the organization and structure of art exhibitions. His first experience in this field was the exhibition "Blue rose". The exhibition was opened in 1907 in a house on Myasnitskaya. The exhibition became a sensation in the Moscow art world. The exhibition was attended by sixteen artists: Kuznetsov, Utkin, Sudeikin, N. Sapunov.N., Saryan M. S., N. and Milioti, V., Krymov, Arapov, Feoktistov, Fonvizin, Kittenplay, Knabe, sculptors Matveev and Bromirski. All of them were connected by common aesthetic principles. After the "Blue rose" was organized a series of exhibitions, arranged with the financial aid Ryabushinsky, N. P. and under the name of its magazine.

By the end of 1909 the publisher "the Golden fleece" was ruined. Of course, not pay off the costs associated with the magazine, with exhibitions, undermined its status. But the main reason was not that. A desperate gambler, Ryabushinsky, N. P. once almost completely lost. After that it still ran in the same circles of the creative intelligentsia, was still involved in many art exhibitions, but not as a philanthropist but as an ordinary participant of the exhibition. In 1911 he was forced to sell part of his collection at auction. In the first place, were sold paintings by old European masters, resold in 1916 in new York, and Ryabushinsky, N. P. managed to buy some of his paintings. The favorite part of his collection - paintings of Russian artists of the early XX century - he decided to keep. However, the fire at the Villa "Black Swan" destroyed a number of paintings. Touched portrait of Bryusov V. Ya. works by Vrubel M. A. T. O., from the collection leaving only what was located in the Moscow mansion of Ryabushinsky, N. The collector was forced to sell his small collection of icons; their new owner was well-known collector Morozov A. V. 1917 Revolution Ryabushinsky, N. P. met in Moscow. For a time he was in government service as a consultant and appraiser of art. His art collection was nationalized and came to the State Museum Fund. There works have sold in many galleries in Russia. In 1922 Ryabushinsky, N. P. emigrated to France. Died in the hospital after surgery. He was buried at Eastern cemetery in nice.

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