Ivanovich Ivasiuk

Ukraine • 1865−1937

Biography and information

(16 (28) April 1865, the village Zastavna, Bukovina, Austria-Hungary — November 25, 1937, Kiev, USSR)

Born in the village Zastavna on Bukovnia (now the city and the district center of Chernivtsi region of Ukraine) in a peasant family of a carpenter. In 1884, Nicholas entered in Chernivtsi high school, where a Professor of drawing and painting was Justin of Pihuliak, who noticed the young man's gift of drawing, and then helped enroll him at the Vienna Academy of arts.

Ivasyuk later studied in Munich with Professor Alexander Liezen-Meyer. In August 1885 Ivasyuk was a member of the journey of the student youth in the region.

In 1893 N. Ivasyuk met in Munich with I. Repin. Nicholas showed him the first sketch of his painting "the Entry of Bohdan Khmelnytsky in Kiev". In his "Letters on art" Ilya Repin gave the sketch the following assessment: the First sketch that Ivasyuk did himself, without any advice — the best. Although the spots pattern is very European, and the architecture of Kiev — Krakow something Gothic, but still in the sketch is the life and the naturalness in the writing.

Returning in 1897 from abroad to Bukovina, N. Ivasyuk devoted himself entirely to art, social and educational activities. He worked as a teacher of drawing and painting in a real school in Chernivtsi staged several exhibitions of his works. In 1899 Nikolai Ivanovich together with South Pigulka organized the first in Bukovina drawing school "for talented but poor youth."

Not just the party came to the village a Window (now Husyatyn district), to the estate of Vladislav Fedorovich (Ukr. Volodislav F.), where he painted portraits of members of his family.

After the overthrow of the autocracy Ivasyuk moved to Kiev, and from 1919 he lived in Lviv, then in Kyiv. At the invitation of the government of the Ukrainian SSR in late 1926, the Ivasyuk family moved to permanent residence in Kiev. He was asked to create a number of paintings on the themes of the revolutionary movement in Ukraine.

In July 1937 Ivasyuk was wrongly arrested by the NKVD. Shot November 25, 1937.