Afanasievich Arapov

Russia • 1876−1949

Arapov after graduating from high school in 1892, studied at the Moscow Boundary Institute, where he received his first artistic skills. The Institute Arapov finally realized that his calling to art and in 1897 he entered the Moscow school of painting at the architectural Department. Like many, Arapov in my student years I became interested in applied art, book, theatre. Together with friends participated in the design of the fabulous festivities of the national theatre "buffoon". Tried with my classmate by Serotinum to organize a theatre some scenery

"As a student of the School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture at the architectural Department of addicted to painting, meet and join to the group of artists, later determined under the sign of the exhibitions of "Blue rose", "Wreath", "the Golden Fleece".

At the exhibition "scarlet rose" Arapov was represented by a single work -"Lefortovo Park".

We can assume that this full-scale work, written in Lefortovo Park, next to which lived at one time artist. "We lived in Moscow, in Lefortovo Palace in a state-owned apartment which was supposed to the father in the archive of the Lefortovo Palace is located on the banks of the Yauza river, where also were three ponds. On the other side of this river is huge Lefortovo Park Peter's time with scenic ponds, bridges, gazebos".

Arapov Anatoly Afanasevich was born in Saint-Petersburg. Studied in MUZHVZ (1897-1906). In 1911 he traveled to Germany, Switzerland, Italy.

Exhibitions 1904. (MUZHVZ). In 1907. - participant of the exhibition "Blue rose"; 1910. - CPX in Kiev; 1911, 1912, 1913 - "World of art" in St. Petersburg, 1914. - exhibition of paintings and sculptures "Artists of Moscow - the victims of war"; the Exhibitor of the exhibition "Theater and decorative art in the Soviet Union 1917-1927" at the Academy of arts in Leningrad, "Artists of the Soviet theatre (1917-1935гг.) in Leningrad (1936), Moscow (1945 1947., 1956., 1957).

Worked at the theater since 1905.. Designed productions in theaters N.N. Two Free theatre (Moscow), F. Komissarzhevskaya (St. Petersburg). After 1917. designed productions in theaters in Moscow, Leningrad, Kiev, Vitebsk, Saratov and other cities.

He worked at the studios of Moscow and Leningrad: "Decembrists" (1926), "The poet and the Tsar" (1927)., "Kastus Kalinovsky" (1928), "Feast of St. Jorgen" (1930.), "Bride" (1936).

The theatre and cinema artist, painter and graphic artist. Started career as a symbolist, in the 1920s constructivist, since the 1930s - the socialist realist. Theatre and film works marked with a sharp sense of style, figurative characteristic.

Very individual in easel painting (oil, tempera, pastel). Among his works - portraits, still lifes of the old parks, ancient architecture, memorable places associated with the life of A. S. Pushkin, P. I. Tchaikovsky, A. N. Ostrovsky, T. G. Shevchenko. Lived and died in Moscow.

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