Semenovich Vedernikov

Russia • 1898−1975

1936-1937 - Associate Professor of the Faculty of Architecture of the CVC. In 1954 received a diploma in the CVC. Thesis in the CVC - a series of watercolors "Landscapes of Leningrad and the Volga", the rating is good. Qualified graphic artist.

He studied at art workshops in N. Novgorod (1921 - 23) with A.V. Kuprina A.V. Fonvizin and Vhuteine in Leningrad (1924 - 28) by O.E. Braza, A.E. Kareva. He was a member of the Circle of Artists (1928-30). Participant of exhibitions since 1928. In the 1930s he painted landscapes of Leningrad (oil, aqu.). He made sketches (car., Aqu., 1945) of the monuments of Russian architecture destroyed in the war in Pskov, the city of Pushkin, Pulkovo. The author of individual watercolor sheets and series of watercolors (1940 -60s). He also worked as a designer. His works were exhibited in London (1929). An exhibition of works by Vedernikov took place in Leningrad (1945). Works are in the State Russian Museum and others. He taught at IZHSA (1936-37), LIIKS (Leningrad Institute of Civil Engineering) (1937 - 41), LISI (Leningrad Institute of Civil Engineering) (since 1945). His portraits were performed by V.A. Greenberg (oil, 1941) and D.G. Baryshev (autolithogr., 1957).

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