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Grigory Odysseevich

Russia • 1873−1942

Born in the city of Kerch. Studied with Ivan Aivazovsky in Feodosia (1889), graduated from Odessa drawing school (1893), where he was a student of K. Kostandi. From 1893 he studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of arts in A. Kuindzhi. In 1895 received the title of artist 3rd degree, in 1897 – the title of the artist. From 1892 the constant participant of exhibitions OH, O-VA im. A. Kuindzhi and others In 1900 in St. Petersburg held a personal exhibition. Exhibited work in Munich (1901). Lived in St. Petersburg, he wrote mostly landscapes, preferring the theme of the sea, often visited the Crimea. In 1930 he created a series of paintings for the Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic, Museum of the Leningrad mining Institute, etc. Died during the siege in Leningrad. The works are kept in museums of St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia and Ukraine.

Brother A. O. Kalmykov. Studied with I. K. Aivazovsky in Feodosia (1889), he studied at the Odessa drawing school at KK Kostandi, and the Academy of arts (from 1893 to 1895), A. I. Kuindzhi, in 1895 received the title of class artist of the 3rd degree, in 1897 - the title of artist for the painting "moonlit night in Kikeneize", "Misty morning", "Surf the iron rocks" and "Twilight." Lived in St. Petersburg - Leningrad. He mainly painted landscapes. His works were exhibited at the exhibitions AH, Society named after A. I. Kuindzhi and other Works Kalmykova stored in GMIL ("On the waterfront in winter", 1890), GERMS ("Perseus and Andromeda"), Central research geological prospecting Museum (Leningrad, "the Crimea. The Kerch Strait. The entrance to the sea of Azov and North Caucasus. Taman...", "Cliffs of the Black sea near Kerch," a series of paintings on the history of the Earth - all 1930), the Museum of the Leningrad mining Institute (series of paintings about the origin of the Solar system - 1932), the Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic (St. Petersburg; the "Icebreaker "I. Stalin" on the way to the Arctic" - 1940?). Died during the siege in Leningrad.

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