Aleksandrovich Sukhodolsky

Russia • 1835−1903

Biography and information

Russian artist, painter, draftsman, he worked in the technique of Sepia. Painted landscapes, portraits, author of battle songs. Studied at the Academy of arts. For the final painting "view of the village of black woodpecker, Kaluga province" (1864) Peter Sukhodolsky received the title of class artist of the first degree. His born many travel in Russia landscapes ("Spring flood of the river Oka", "In the village", "oaks", "Marsh", "sea Coast") are examples of Russian landscape painting, with distinct pattern and rich in tone.
Academician of painting, Illustrator, master of realistic landscape.
A graduate of the Imperial Academy of arts ( from the end of 1850-s - student Semorebisa). His painting "In Dubki near Moscow" in 1862 was acquired by p.m. Tretyakov. Swamp" of 1863, shown first on academic and later at the world exhibition in Vienna, and acquired Yourgoing, after the death of the latter was bought by Pavel Tretyakov.
In 1864, for the landscape "Midday in the village (Village of the black woodpecker Kaluga province can be found here district)" Sukhodolsky was awarded a Large gold medal of the Academy and the law on pension maintenance for six years.
Traveled to Moscow, Kaluga, Tver, Smolensk, Kharkov, Kursk, Mogilev provinces.
In 1868, to enter public service, were deprived of the right for further assistance Academy.
Lived on the station Alexandrovsky village Mosalsk district, Kaluga province, elected by the world mediator, he held the positions of Chairman of the County government and the provincial Secretary.
In 1877 he returned to Petersburg and resumed painting; worked in the workshop provided Jah. Painted landscapes, battle paintings; performed portrait sketches, drawings on the theme of national life. In his work appeared successor academic traditions.
In 1878 for the painting Spring flood Oka" received the title of academician.
In the 1880-ies Sukhodolsky continued to work in the field of landscape; carried out orders to battle paintings, dedicated to the events of the Russo-Turkish war.
In 1882, among other artists received an order from the Emperor Alexander II on a series of paintings about the Russian-Turkish war (1877-1878); to improve the work of field studies in 1885 made a trip to Bulgaria.
In 1888-1894 as an Illustrator collaborated in the journals "field" and "Player".
In the 1890s, he worked in Estonia and Norway (where performed, including a series of seascapes).
At present the works of Petr Alexandrovich Sukhodolsky are stored in major Museum collections in Russia ( including the State Russian Museum and the State Tretyakov gallery).