Nikolaevna Kachura-Falileeva

Russia • 1886−1948

Biography and information

The wife of artist V. D. Falileev (1909). He studied in the Petersburg. AH (1907-14). Participant in exhibitions from 1910. Lived and worked in St. Petersburg - Petrograd, 1917 in Moscow. In 1924 moved with her husband to Stockholm, 1926, the couple lived in Berlin, in 1938 in Rome. Picturesque and easel graphic works (landscapes, portraits, still lifes).

Worked in the techniques of pastels, monotypes, lithographs, etchings. Born in Warsaw in the family of major General life guards Volyn regiment N. Rogal-Kachura. In 1901 – 1903 he studied in Kamenetz-Podolsky girls ' school. In 1907 he graduated from the painting Department of the OAS. In 1907 – 1914 he studied at St. Petersburg Academy of arts under Dmitry Kardovsky and N. Dubovsky, attended the academic workshop of V. Mate. In 1909 she married the artist V. Falileeva. In 1911 – 1912 together with her husband worked in Italy. In 1912 on Capri he met with Gorky and performed his portrait etchings. Until 1916 the couple lived in St. Petersburg and on Volga, in 1917 – 1924 in Moscow. The artist participated in the Spring exhibitions in the halls of the ARTS (1910, 1913), II exhibition of the Professional Union of artists (1918), the exhibitions "World of art" (1916, 1917, 1921), TPHV (1923), CPX (1923), AHRR (1923, 1924), etc. For 1924 – 1926 lived in Stockholm, 1926 – 1928 – in Berlin, in 1938 in Rome. Mainly painted portraits and paintings on themes of Russian life. Participated in group exhibitions together with V. by Falileeva organized several exhibitions in Stockholm, Berlin and Rome.

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