Vasilievna Kashin (Memorable)

Russia • 1903−1985

Biography and information

Painter, graphic artist. Sister Over. Kashina. Graduated from Moscow. The vkhutein (1930), a student of N. Of Kupreyanov, V. Favorsky. From 1928 a member of the society of "Growth", group "13" (1929). Lived and worked in Moscow. In 1929 the participant of exhibitions. Pictorial composition "Water station, MOSES" (1930), "Summer" (1933), "Children's garden" (1937), "snow castle" (1946), "still life with birds" (1959), easel graphics, book design. etc.

(alias: Nina Commemorative)

Graphic artist, painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR. The author of the works of genre, still lifes, portraits, landscapes, was engaged in book illustration. Was born in Perm in a family of icon painter. In 1922 he graduated from the Perm regional art College. From 1922 lives in Moscow. Studied in VKhUTEMAS-(1922 — 1930) at K. N. Istomin, V. A. Favorsky, P. V. Miturich, And N. N. Of kupreyanov. A member of art society "Growth" (1928), the participant of group "13" and other expositions in the USSR and abroad. Solo exhibition was held in Moscow in 1934. A creative mission visited Novorossiysk (1931, from the publishing house "Young guard") and in the Crimea (1935, from the people's Commissariat), in the pioneer camp "Artek".

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