Stepanovich Petrovsky

Ukraine • 1814−1842

Born in Oranienbaum in 1814, died in Rome on may 29 (11 June) 1842, the Son of a minor official of the Oranienbaum Palace Board, he, at his father's death, sixteen years entered the service of the Expedition of Storing State Papers, to be doing something to support the family, and yet, from 1831 began to attend drawing classes at the Academy of fine Arts. But since the service did not give him the opportunity to thoroughly study the beloved art, then in 1837 he left the service and with the assistance of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts enrolled as a student of the Academy, a pensioner of the Society. There he at first was used by Professor F. A. Bruni, and then moved to K. Brullov. Surrendering your whole soul to the study of art, he managed at the same time works to feed his mother and sisters, singing in different orders, which were made to him by the Society for the Encouragement of Arts. Quickly making progress, he soon received a second silver medal (for drawing from life) and the first silver medal (for the painting "John the Baptist"), and in 1839 for the program "the appearance of the angel to the shepherds with the announcement Christmas" received the first gold medal. He then wrote the image to a military Church in the Kiev fortress and the painting "Hagar and Ishmael in the desert" by order of the Society. This picture brought the artist a cash prize from the Academy of fine Arts and a trip abroad at the expense of the company and then was acquired by the famous collector F. I. by Pryanishnikova, which, along with the rest of his congregation, went to the Rumyantsev Museum. I took the artist has long coveted the right trip to Italy, but back-breaking labor and deprivation completely tore his strength, and, barely having time to come to Rome, he died there from tuberculosis. According to the testimony of E. I. Makovsky, P. S. Petrovsky studied engraving strong vodka. (P. Petrov)

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