Kuzmich Plakhov

Russia • 1810−1881

Biography and information

Came from a military family, had a great aptitude for artistic skills and in 1829 visited the school Venetsianov. In 1832, L. Plakhov, was enrolled as a foreign student in the Academy landscape class of M. N. Vorobiev. As academics, were a practical success in painting, he began to receive twenty rubles a month on the table and one hundred and fifty rubles a year on clothes.

Most of the paintings of L. K. Plakhov — the direct influence of A. G. Venetsianov. Only the peasants of great romance in the paintings Plakhova replace people artisans — carpenters, blacksmiths, artisans, and workers. Hence the names of his paintings: "Coachman Academy of arts", "Carpenter's workshop where I work and one fanning the fire", "Obruca workshop", "Mason", "the Forge".

In 1836, L. Plakhov is completing an academic course, gets the title of class artist and the diploma of the first degree. The means of the Society to promote artists he went through a training in Germany. "Not would behoove me to leave Russia to study the Russian genre" — annoyed with himself a painter. It was for the best, written on a national basis the works of L. K. Plakhov were the words of the patron of many artists of V. I. Grigorovich: "the Intricacy and truth in the writing, skill of drawing and writing, and still more nationalities... forced to guess the author of talent is strong in the kind of painting, to pay attention to very few artists."

Since the end of the 1840s almost walked away from art activities, taking up the photograph.