Vladimirovich Kibardin

Russia • 1903−1963

16.01.1903 (p. Istrinskoe, Kirov region) — 01.05.1963

In 1923 he graduated from the Central courses of the Association of artists of revolutionary Russia (AHRR), and then VKHUTEMAS.

Participant of art exhibitions since 1928.

Also worked as graphic designer (decoration of Moscow for the holidays and sports and parades).

In 1941 he volunteered to the front.

Later, in 1944, together with a group of military artists was organized in Poland for the exhibition of our troops "Fighting way of the First Belarusian front."

In 1957 opened a personal exhibition of G. V. kibardin design on the theme of "the White sea". These works were created for them at the white sea biological station of Moscow state University since 1955. Since that time, the White sea was the main theme of the artist.

In the North he had written over 600 works, mainly of landscapes and thematic paintings and portraits. A white sea of his work published in the book "the white sea" (Moscow: Soviet artist. 1964. 71 C. Text D. I. Eremin, Fig. G. V. Kibardin Design).

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