Stepanovich Kiselev

Russia • born in 1946

Biography and information

Born in 1946 in Ivanova Sloboda, Mogilev region.

He graduated from the Vitebsk pedagogical Institute (art-

the graphics faculty) in 1971, Studied at F. Gumina, A. Nekrasov. RA-

bot in watercolor technique. Major works: the series "Rhythms

Lavsanstroi", "seasons" leaves "Apples on snow", "Polotsk. Spaso-

Euphrosyne monastery," etc.

Participant of art exhibitions since 1970

Works are in National art Museum of Baie-

Lorusso, funds BUA, the Ministry of culture, Mogilev Ob-

LastName Museum to them. P. Maslennikov.

Taught in Mogilev kultprosvetuchilische (1973-1979 gg.).

A member of BUA in 1978

Lives in Mogilev.

In 1971 he graduated from art-graphic faculty of Vitebsk pedagogical Institute.

Since 1978 member of the Belarusian Union of artists.

The representative of the Vitebsk school of watercolor.

Works in genres of landscape and still life.

Works are in National art Museum of Belarus, Funds of BUA, the funds of the Ministry of culture, Mogilev regional art. the Museum of Mogilev history Museum, Krichev history Museum, and state institutions of Poland, France and private collections around the world.

Included in the 18-volume of the Belarusian ENCYCLOPAEDIA.

Basic personal exhibitions:

1987 - toruń. Poland.

1988 - Mogilev.

1989 - Bobruisk

1990 - Vitebsk

1996 - Mogilev

1997 - Minsk

1997 - Bobruisk

1999 - Smolensk

2002 - Yaroslav. Poland

2004 - Svetlogorsk

2004 - Gomel

2005 - Germany

2006 - Mogilev

36 participation in all-Union, international and foreign exhibitions.

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