Yakovlevich Kishinevsky

Russia • 1862−1942

Artist Solomon Yakovlevich Chisinau was born in 1862 in Odessa, and died during the occupation in the ghetto (1941 or 1942). In Chisinau graduated from Odessa drawing school, then continued his education in Europe and returned to Odessa, which is connected with the rest of his life. Chisinau was surprisingly versatile and active person. In addition to painting he was teaching, worked in Newspapers and journals (as a reviewer and as an Illustrator), in 1896-1902 he was able to organize four spring art exhibitions and - in the case of Odessa unprecedented - its own "public constant" solo exhibition (actually, three exhibitions - 1906, 1907 and 1908). And there was another personal exhibition of 1910 and the jubilee 1938, not counting the numerous collective, for example southern Russian.

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