Kornilevich Pimonenko

Ukraine • 1862−1912

An outstanding Ukrainian painter, master of genre painting. Born into a family of icon painter. First studied in KRS N. Murashko (1879 – 1882), where he met with I. Repin, who recognized the boy's talent. 1882 – 1884 – a student at St. Petersburg Academy of arts in the workshop of the future father-in-law Vladimir Orlovsky. Proved himself as a very talented pupil, already in the first year of study, he received three medals. After returning to Kiev, continued to paint. From the late 1880s, the main theme of creation becomes the image of life of the Ukrainian village. At the invitation of N. Murashko has held the position of senior lecturer of Kyiv drawing school (1884 – 1900). Academician, member and Exhibitor TPHV (1904), as well as a variety of artistic associations in Paris, Munich and Berlin. The painting "Hopak" was successfully exhibited at the Paris Salon in 1909 and was acquired by the Museum of the Louvre. Participated in numerous academic, international exhibitions, a great number of museums organized a large-scale solo exhibition of the artist. A significant number of works is stored in the namu, which holds regular exhibitions of his works, and constantly expose a part of the creative heritage of the master. Work is represented in many museums of Ukraine and Russia, in particular in state Russian Museum, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and HMM.

Born in Kiev, Nikolai Kornilovich Pimonenko received primary (perhaps the basic) art education (1876-1882) at the Kyiv drawing school N. And. Murashko I. K. Budkevich and H. P. Platonov. From 1882 to 1884 N. Pimonenko was at the Pedagogical courses of the Academy of arts. Unfortunately, the health of the young artist did not allow him to fully carry out its program of stay in St. Petersburg. Having small and large encouragement medal and a diploma for the title of an art teacher, N. Pimonenko is serving in Kiev, where he teaches at the Kyiv drawing school N. And. Murashko and Kiev art school.

However, he does not forget to paint, which is constantly increasing their skills. The theme for their household paintings, taken from life of Russians. Interesting list of the titles of his paintings at the annual academic exhibitions: "Betrothed" (1886), "Clean Thursday", "separated", "holidays", "Artist" (all — 1887), "the Christmas divination" (1888), "Afanasy Ivanovich and Sow the Nikiforovna" (1889). In 1891, the painting "Wedding in Kiev province" and "Morning of the resurrection of Christ" N. To. Pimonenko receives the title of honorary member of the Academy of arts. In 1904 he was awarded the title of academician.

N. To. Pimonenko actively involved in public artistic life. Member of the Munich Society of artists and the Paris international Union of arts and literature. The artist's paintings are readily purchased by collectors, and even the Louvre in a hurry to become the owner of one of the paintings of the painter — in 1909 he buys "Hopak" N. To. Pimonenko.

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