Mikhailovich Konashevich

Russia • 1888−1963
Vladimir Konashevich (7 may 1888 — 27 Feb 1963) is one of the most famous charts of Russia and the USSR, the outstanding figure of arts and doctor of arts. He is the author of the beautiful illustrations to well familiar since the childhood the works of K. Chukovsky, S. Marshak and other children's writers and poets.

Hometown of Vladimir Konashevich — Novocherkassk, where he spent the first 10 years of his life. Later, the family of the future artist moved to Chernigov. In 1908, Vladimir enrolled in the school of painting and architecture in Moscow, one of the most prestigious art schools in the Russian Empire, and studied there for twenty years. Teachers Konashevich was K. Korovin, L. Pasternakand S. Malyutin— known painters and graphic, his works inspired the Vladimir and laid the Foundation for the future success of his masterful illustrations.

Two years before the revolution Konashevich moved to Petrograd. In 20-ies the artist was a member of the art Association under the leadership A. Benoitand Sergei Diaghilev's "World of art". Unfortunately, by the time of the accession of Vladimir Mikhailovich Konashevich in the ranks of the "world of art", the organization virtually ceased to exist, but its main ideological principle of the supremacy of the aesthetic principle, a talented Illustrator used in the future in his work.

Graphics, particularly the book, has become a priority of the artist. In addition, about 10 years Vladimir Konashevich was engaged in teaching at the Institute named after I. E. Repin in Leningrad, and also in several art schools. Died talented chart in 1963 at the age of 74 and was buried at the Theological cemetery.

Features of creativity of Vladimir Konashevich: drawings of the outstanding masters of illustrations — clear, expressive and concise. However, despite the seeming simplicity, particularly noticeable in children's book graphics, work Konashevich very decorative and figurative. Their fabulously romantic plots in something similar with paintings in the Rococo style. The artist rejected the excessive decoration and not trying to make drawings for children, beautiful artwork. Simplicity, clarity, easy flow of material — that's what had value for the graph. Color, however, the artist paid a lot of attention: his works seem to be lit from inside, elegant and filled with magic. Illusion, aesthetic pleasure and ease of perception — the main features of children's books, illustrated by Vladimir Mikhailovich Konashevich.

Famous paintings of the artist: illustrations to works by S. Marshak and K. Chukovsky, French folk tales, fairy tales of Charles Perrault, Alexander Pushkin, Hans Christian Andersen, the works of A. Barto, V. Mayakovsky and many others.

Illustrations By Vladimir Konashevich

The illustration was the main occupation great graphics. The first works in this direction were not, however, drawings for books of famous writers, and letters to his little daughter.

In 1918 he published the artist's book "Alphabet in pictures". The idea of it was born from letters that Vladimir Konashevich wrote to their relatives in the Urals. His wife went to the family with a small daughter, a long time could not return home because the area where they lived, was cut off by the army of Kolchak. In each letter the Vladimir sent an image of the letters of the alphabet, provided with illustrations of animals or objects. Delight daughter knew no bounds, and a book published later, was a great success. It was a landmark for its era, as is fully consistent with the decree of the Soviet government about the new spelling — for the first time the textbook was published without legacy characters.

Talking about the design of children's literature, Konashevich stressed that it should be very clear. The play of light and shadow masterly perspective, other signs of the highest skill of the artist — all that matters for an adult audience, but it is not interesting to children. Shape, color, size much more important to them, and any inaccuracies here will mean the complete failure of the Illustrator among children. Honesty is the best language to communicate with her, and then one of the most memorable and talented Soviet graphics turned on high.

The illustrations by Vladimir Konashevich detailed, but not overloaded, the image is bright and clear, and the characters easily recognizable. The artist, realizing the importance of this happy but short period in the life of every human being, communicates with children in their language, demonstrating excellent knowledge and understanding.
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