France • 1561−1602

A French artist. The disciple Premine the father, Daubreuil was formed mainly in Fontainebleau near to Ruggero Ruggeri, with whom he worked ("the Story of Hercules"). Around 1584 (?) he created many paintings commissioned of the order of St. Ghost (Paris, Louvre). Creativity Dubray little is known: his work at Fontainebleau, (including hunting scenes in the Gallery Chevra, have not been preserved; the existing and today the Gallery of deer was greatly restored; the paintings in the Small gallery in the Louvre with a picture of megalomania, mythological scenes and portraits, executed Dubreuil together with Jacques Benelam, died in a fire in 1661. From 78 songs mentioned in the old inventory books of the castle of Saint-Germain-EN-Laye, preserved only fragments - 4 painting (Paris, Louvre Museum; Fontainebleau Museum) and 12 figures (Paris, Louvre Museum and School of fine arts; Amsterdam, GOS. Museum). Their stories are taken from "Franciade" Ronsard; they are written Dubreuil in collaboration with such masters as J. Dumet, who performed a scene of the "Feast" (Paris, Louvre). Dubreuil has also created the paintings for the tapestries depicting the "History of Diana" (sketch - Paris, Louvre, Cabinet of drawings). Some of his works have been translated into engraving (P. score: "Earth", "Fire"; P. Fatur: "Noli me tangere", "the Descent of the Holy. Spirit"). As Primaticcio, Dubreuil performed his works together with his assistants, particularly the Flemish masters. His art marks the transition from the mannerism of the first school of Fontainebleau style of the second school, a brilliant representative of which he was suggesting, however, French classicism.

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