Ivanovich Kovrigin

Russia • 1892−1958

Biography and information

Was born in Krasnoyarsk. In 1915 he graduated from the Moscow school of painting, sculpture and architecture and, in parallel, the Moscow archaeological Institute. In 1914-1920 he served in the army (guard of Kremlin). From 1922 - actor and actress. From 1927 he worked in film as an artist. First job — "October" (1927), took part in the making of the film "Old and new" (1929). Since 1946 he worked as a costume designer, participated in the creation of films: "the battle of Stalingrad 2nd series, 1949), "Przewalski" (1952), the Swedish match (1954), "the Grasshopper" (1955), "prologue", "First joy" (1957) and others. He died in Moscow.

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