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Johann (Ivan Fedorovich)
Friedrich Groot
Biography and information

Johann Friedrich Groot (1717−1806), was mainly a painter of animals as well. In Russia since 1743, had worked in Vienna. The wizard masterfully wrote the bird’s feathers, animal fur, that made him famous in the old country. During his stay in Russia, he wrote many still-lifes and scenes with animals and birds. And since 43 of them were in an unheated hunting pavilion "monbizhu" in Tsarskoye Selo, the artist involuntarily had to master a new profession — a restorer. It restored the still lifes were transferred to the Academy of fine Arts, where he became the first teacher of the class "animals and birds", and for a long time served as models for training young artists.

Younger brother G. X. Groot. Arrived in St. Petersburg in 1743, Lived in Russia for many years, until his death. He worked in the field of animals and birds. I. F. Groot studied the appearance and habits of predatory and domestic animals, various birds and sometimes insects. Despite the artificiality of some songs and their excessive detail and shouteth, Groot was observant and accurate in his favorite region of them.

Member of the Academy of Arts since 1763, for the painting "eagle attacking grouse." Was saudifal class painting animals and birds until 1775 In 1775 — academician; in 1766 — Advisor to the Academy of fine Arts; from 1774 honorary free member. Had the title of court painter.

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Johann (Ivan Fedorovich) Friedrich Groot. Still life
Still life
Johann (Ivan Fedorovich) Friedrich Groot
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Johann (Ivan Fedorovich) Friedrich Groot. The leopard with the lamb
The leopard with the lamb
Johann (Ivan Fedorovich) Friedrich Groot
1773, 92×115 cm
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