Ignatievich Kozlov

Russia • 1738−1791

In 1762, entered the newly established Academy of Arts with the title of adjunct and recognized as "designated" for the painting "SV. the Apostle Peter denying Christ"; in 1765, - the academician of the "new rules"; in 1766 - adjunct Professor of historical painting; in 1771 Professor; in 1776, is an honorary academic of the Spanish Academy of Arts; in 1779 - adjunct-rector of the Academy of fine Arts; at the same time determined to tapestry manufactory (at place de Bracana) Director, was Director of the educational school at the Academy of fine Arts. (Kondakov)

In the first decades of the existence of the Imperial Academy of arts inside it was a fairly democratic order. Students of the Academy, young people from lower classes. Many of them after some time became the teachers of the Academy, its professors. But even on this background looks unique the decision of the Council of the Academy of appointment to the position of associate Professor Gabriel ignatievitch Kozlov, which contained the condition that the artist will be able to hold this position only in the case of release from bondage. I must say that the Academy was against Galina Kozlova consistent — she bought it in 1763. Two years later, G. I. Kozlov became an academician and then Professor. Unfortunately, the original creations of the artist before our time preserved much. It is clear that not reached us his artistic decoration of the court theatre. Only the painting "the Apostle Peter denying Christ" and a few ink drawings can testify to the high graphic potential of the wizard. Was G. I. Kozlov and a great teacher among his disciples the twelve the future of academics. And there is no huge contribution to the development of Russian art.

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