Nikolaevich Ammosov

Russia • 1837−1886

Biography and information

Clean, clear landscapes S. N. Ammosova, the artist's striking beauty "pieces" of the Central Russian expanses (but not only them, of course), attract the attention of lovers of beauty the present day, primarily because the modern pace and style of life does not allow many of us to see in the surrounding space something similar with images (and this applies to hundreds of other great paintings of the Russian landscape, the reproduction of such parts of the native wildlife). And the rapid "progress" of the second half of the last century, probably great reduced the number of these parts.


Ammosov Sergey graduated from the Moscow school of painting and sculpture. Among his teachers were A. K. Savrasov. He took an active part in the organization of the Association of traveling art exhibitions, has done much to promote the art of painting in Russian society.


The Picture S. N. Ammosov (the Tree by the brook, 1859 Forest glade, 1869; Autumn, 1871; Before the storm, 1874; a Compressed field, 1876; Eye. Sandy beach, 1885) enjoyed the respect of the audience not only thanks to the skill of the painter, but also a clear translucent love them author to mother nature.

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