Grigorievich Kokurin

Russia • born in 1930

Biography and information

Born in Vladimir. He graduated from the Art room at the House of folk art in the city of Vladimir (1949). Pupil of Professor, scholar and restorer Nikolai Sychev, 1956 _ constant participant of all regional exhibitions. In 1960, becoming a member of the artists Union of the RSFSR. Valery Kokurin was awarded the title "honored artist of the RSFSR" and "people's artist of Russia".

Honored artist of the RSFSR (1982).

Lariat the regional Komsomol prize. Gerasimos Feigin (1978). Kokurin has managed to occupy a prominent place among the Vladimir artists. His works were exhibited in USA, UK, France, Germany, Greece, Japan and many other countries.

Kokurina, many paintings are in the Tretyakov gallery, the State Russian Museum, almost all art museums of Russia, museums of many countries of the world, as well as private collections in Russia and abroad.

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