Sergeevich Kolesov

Russia • 1905−2004

Biography and information

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Honored deated of arts of RSFSR. Associate Professor.

Thesis in the CVC - "the barnyard", the rating is satisfactory. The training took place at the faculty of painting, awarded the title of artist of painting.

Painter, graphic artist, honored. art worker of the RSFSR (1977). He graduated from the Repin Institute of arts in (1937). In 1937-60 taught at the Kostroma hood. Uch-school, 1960 - Kostroma PED. the Institute. Participant of exhibitions from 1937. Themed paintings "the Germans have been" (1942), "In his native village" (1945), "moments of calm" (1947), "on patrol" (1960), "Lenin in Shusha" (1970), portraits of "the Girl" (1938), "the Writer V. A. Lebedev" (1974), landscapes "On the Volga" (1932), "March" (1939), "the Wharves on the Volga" (1947), "Spring" (1968), "The bluff" (1973), easel graphics, vol. Fig. etc.

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