Alexeyevich Komarovsky

Russia • 1883−1943

Biography and information

8.10.1883 - 5.11.1937. Graph. Born in Saint-Petersburg in a noble family. Had the Grand-nephew of the poet Dmitry Venevitinov. Father was the curator of the Moscow Armory. He studied at the law faculty of St. Petersburg University, then in Academy of arts in St. Petersburg. Artist, icon-painter. In 1917-1923 lived in the family estate Samarina Izmalkovo (later, the platform Bakovka of Belarusian on the road). The artist painted portraits and painted churches. Preserved icon of the don Mother of God the work of V. A. Komarovsky, who is currently in the intercession Church Danilov monastery in Moscow, another icon in the Church of S. Romney of the Moscow region. In the 1930s repressed. Wife Varvara Fedorovna nee Samarin.

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