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Yakovlevich Konovalov

Russia • 1909−1995

Biography and information

Honored artist of the RSFSR graphic Artist. Illustrator of children's books was Born in 1909 in Moscow. He studied in Moscow in 1927-1929 years. handicraft and art College when Skompresowane D. A. shcherbinovsky, and A. I. Guschina, in 1929-1933.—prepare and Moscow polygraphic Institute in L. A. Bruni, V. A. Favorsky, P. I - Pavlinov, L. G. Brodaty. Participant of art exhibitions since 1927. Major works: a series of graphic works: "V. I. Lenin and children" (1950, TG), "V. I. Lenin" (1960, MK RSFSR), "Contrasts of Italy" (1962, MK USSR), "October 1917 in Moscow" (1969, MK RSFSR), "best share" (1967, MK RSFSR), "V. I. Lenin in 1917" (1970, MK RSFSR).

Honored artist of the RSFSR. Viktor Yakovlevich Konovalov was born in Moscow in 1909. Growing up in izokruzhke at the club "Commune" factory named after Frunze (teachers M. I. Ermilov and M. P. Markichev – students of V. A. Serov), visited the Studio paid N. In. Kharlamov. After school, he enrolled in decorative art Department of the College of handicraft industry, engaged in circle D. A. shcherbinovsky, who led the class in surface anatomy in VKhUTEMAS. Already in 1928 – 1929 Konovalov took part in the first big shows. In 1929, after successfully passing a competitive examination, he entered the printing Department of the Higher Institute of art (higher art and technical Institute), and later printing Institute. In the thirties, published in the journal "pioneer", the newspaper "Komsomolskaya Pravda". During the great Patriotic war was a political Commissar of a partisan detachment, painted and printed military leaves. In 1943, prepared a poster special issues of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" in Stalingrad, Krivoi Rog, the Donbass. For services to the Fatherland after the war Konovalov was awarded the order "badge of Honor". V. Y. Konovalov was elected Chairman of the Board Vladimir Popov, the RSFSR, Deputy Chairman of management Board Vladimir Popov of the USSR, Secretary of the Union of artists of the RSFSR. Konovalov known as an Illustrator, poster artist, cartoonist, for many years was the chief artist of the magazine "Crocodile". Beautiful landscape. Viktor Yakovlevich Konovalov is a member of more than one hundred major all-Union and Republican art exhibitions. Easel graphics, paintings are exhibited in many art museums and art galleries in the former USSR, Italy, Finland, and Hungary.