Pavlovna Konopatskaya

Russia • 1911−1989

Biography and information

Born December 25, 1911 in Kiev, in the family of high school teacher

1930. enrolled in the Studio of artist M. LeBlanc.

1934 – 1941. studies at the Moscow Institute of fine arts. Surikov, faculty Grabar, D. Moore, K. Istomin, V. Favorsky, L. Bruni.

1941. - evacuated to Yelabuga, where he works at the Museum. Shishkin, and the team of artists-poster artist in the Yelabuga district party Committee.

1943. - returned to Moscow, where he worked in the Moscow publishing house "Soviet schedule" in estampas workshop on a series of fairy tales in colour autolithographies

1946. learn from Obraztsov courses at the puppet theatre.

1947. becoming a member of the Moscow Union of artists.

1947-1955 G. travels to the far North, Magadan oblast, where he worked in a puppet theater.

1955. Moved his family in the city of Makhachkala.

In 1976, G. P. Konopacki awarded the title "Honored artist of Dagestan."

The works of G. P. Konopacki were acquired in different years by the Ministry of culture of the USSR, RSFSR, the State literary Museum, Museum of Eastern culture, the State Tretyakov gallery, Moscow, art Museum of Komsomolsk - on – Amur, Dagestan Museum of fine arts. A large number of works are in private and corporate collections. The name of the G. P. Konopacki listed in the "Great Soviet Encyclopedia" and " Encyclopedia of the countries and peoples of the world."