Ivanovich Lebedev

Russia • 1811−1837

He was born in the family of the serf, but in the 1820-ies in Estonia abolished serfdom, and Lebedev gets the opportunity to go to school. In 1829 he is in the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg. Academic course passed in four years. In 1834 Lebedev travels to Italy, to Rome. Tirelessly writes Lebedev neighborhood of Rome. In may, 1837 Lebedev sent to Naples to work in the summer in his beautiful and much loved landscape painters around. Here, the artist finds sudden outbreak of a cholera epidemic.

The son of a serf.


In 1826, the father with his family was recorded in the "Philistine salary", and the youth received the opportunity to learn. July 28, 1827-March 1829 (a) studied in the 5th (quinta) and 4th (quarta) classes of the Dorpat school. Al. I at the University of Dorpat. Brilliant, found out it already at that time, was the cause of the translation of his representation of Trustee of the University of count P. A. Palen, and Higher order of Nicholas I, dated 7 February 1829, 19 March 1829 in St Petersburg and to be placed on the student of the Imperial Academy of arts through the office of His Majesty.


His main mentor at the Academy was M. N. Sparrows, also considered a pupil of V. E. Rayev. During the passage of the academic year, Lebedev was awarded two silver medals, in may 1832 low (second value) for a landscape composition, and in September, 1832, the large (First) for writing from nature view from Petrovsky island, in 1833, received a gold medal for "View in the vicinity of lake Ladoga" (purchased by Emperor Nicholas I. its subsequent fate is unknown, the author granted the diamond ring, sold in Dorpat on his way to Italy, the money given to the mother) and the title of the artist XIV class Definition of AH from the Board on 14 October 1833 in mid-may, 1834, was sent as a pensioner member (fellow) of the Academy along with Durnovo and Nikolai Nikitin in Italy, where the fever began to work on the study of the southern nature and the assimilation of the simple and faithful transmission of its effects. The fruit of these labours was a few dozen paintings that put his name among the best landscape painters of the time.


Sadly, death before kidnapped his art. He died in Naples of cholera, in July, 1837.

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