Leonidovich Korolev

Russia • 1922−1988

Thesis in the CVC - "I. V. Stalin at the 2nd Congress of collective farm" rating - excellent. The training took place at the faculty of painting, awarded the title of artist of painting.

Honored artist of Russia, candidate of art, Professor of drawing at the St. Petersburg Academy of arts. The artist is not full of bright colors. Born in the Volga town of Soligalich. Before the war he studied at the secondary art school at the Academy in Leningrad. Then was accepted into the Academy and successfully completed her full course. In 1955, together with the Board of Directors of A. A. and V. I. Snopova, he participated in the creation of the monumental mosaic "Abundance" for the lobby of the metro station "Vladimir". Based on sketches by the Queen and his technology has created a unique in St. Petersburg, a stained glass window for the lobby of the station "Gostiny Dvor". A number of monumental works in St. Petersburg and other Russian cities were based on his sketches and his involvement... Amazing humility of this man, a true Russian intellectual in spirit and way of life all the time, left him "in the shadows" for great achievements and deeds of his more energetic colleagues. But the main thing for him was teaching. It is on this outwardly invisible but very noble work he managed to create what is now in our art circles is called a "school Queen".

Based on skills of drawing and its own system of training the Queen lay the principles of the old masters and, above all, the experience of Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. Like Leonardo, the serious attention he paid to the sign language (Leonardo advised to study the motion dumb as the main "masters of the gesture"). In the classroom, watching students study, he immediately, in the fields, were shown how a particular part of the figure should make the expression accurately. Taught to be able to constructively expand the shape to any angle. Taught to see and be able to convey the nature of the spatial volume from a finger of the hand to the head. This was considered another historically important approach to the construction of figures on the plane. In this method, in addition to actually drawing the Queen laid the system of concepts of the compositional integrity of plastics shapes.

Once he noticed that one of the students working on the assignment, looks into the booklet. "Well. And what I discovered?" inquired the Maestro and then continued: "you See, all through this system, draw "eyes": you see something and draw... And you should own the entire form..." He was taught to draw the "head" of the mind and not just eyes. And cited the example of a ceiling painting: when you lie under the ceiling and make voluminous a record figure of great size, without fluent shape design make this right impossible. He explained that by drawing, for example, the chest, need to know what is her back side and shoulder, And show the fields invisible part in section, having a obvious effect on the structure of the shape. Characteristically, in the educational process, he used only "male performances", convinced that only men can nature bright to reveal a complete anatomical picture of a human figure. "Maybe You never painted a female figure?" not without malice have noticed once one of the students. Korolev thought for a moment, and then asked for a large sheet of paper. Spread out on the floor, it was 4 m long and 2 m wide. Professor starting the picture below with the little toe, literally not looking up from the sheet, came to a head. The effect was stunning: Nude four foot female figure, executed in one breath, seemed more than perfect. And because nobody was posing... School Queen. System Queen Of The...

What is the significance? First, and most importantly that Queens methodologically justified and developed the principles of universal plastic art of the High Renaissance to his contemporaries. Not a secret, many were aware that this system of rules and laws has been the absolute truth, but Express it creatively, as an artist, and theoretically, as a teacher, could only Queens. And if at first this "absolute truth" was a prerogative only "monumental workshop", now, almost 35 years of teaching the Queen it spread everywhere until Europe and America, where he moved some of the disciples of the master. The student, of course, to imitate the handwriting of the teacher. However, this student also finds his own handwriting, "person", a characteristic only to him. Therefore, probably, many who know the school Queen is silent about the teacher, considering him as his own. On the claim that he is the founder of a new school, Korolev quietly and just answered that Yes, they say, all these are, but pretend that it is not. But then, in one of his revelations of the trust, said: "Looking at how I work, almost all think that it is simple and easy. But few know what it cost me to come to this simplicity and ease. How hard I worked for this and how much you've had to learn, to perform, to open..."

Shortly before his death he had "published" the Americans with an offer to Finance the publication of the book album on his school and system drawing. Former pupils of the Queen, on hearing this idea, everywhere began to send him the drawings. In 1987, the Dean of the faculty of the picturesque had arranged an exhibition of drawings planned in a future edition. However, the death of the wizard broke off and that was the last that would formally establish the academic status of his SCHOOL.

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