Ivanovich Kostinsky

Russia • born in 1916

Biography and information

Painter. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Born in Maykop. In 1939 he graduated from the Art school of Rostov-on-don.

In 1940 he entered the Leningrad Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture. His studies were interrupted by world war II. After graduating from the Institute in 1950, he arrived in Moscow, joins the Moscow Union of Artists.

Participant of numerous all-Union, Republican, Moscow and foreign exhibitions.

Personal exhibition was held in 2001 in Moscow.

The paintings of P. I. Kostinskaya was exhibited and purchased in Japan, Canada, Italy, USA, Germany, France, England, South Korea. The famous American pianist van Cliburn prio-

walked a few paintings in a private collection.

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