Alexandrovna Kostrova (Lukyanova)

Russia • 1909−1993

Schedule. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

(1909, d. Bialystok Omsk province – 1993, St. Petersburg)

In 1925 – 1928 he studied at the Omsk art-industrial College named. M. A. Vrubel at the painting decor Department.

In 30-ies he worked at the works of visual agitation and propaganda with the city Council, then in the youth group and the Experimental lithographic workshop Losh when. Together with her husband, the painter N. And. Kostrova traveled the country (White and Barents sea, Abrau-Dyurso, Ukraine, Novgorod), worked in the open air.

Participant of exhibitions since 1934, member of the Leningrad Union of artists since 1940.

During the war she lived in Kazan, illustrated children's books for publishing houses in Tatarstan, made postcards on the theme of "back front".

After the war, he returned to Leningrad, he collaborated with the publishing house "Detgiz", "fiction", "Lenizdat", "Young guard". Mainly engaged in illustrating tales and stories about animals.

Since 1935, Anna Kostrova is an indispensable participant of all exhibitions of Leningrad artists, exhibitions of book illustration, prints and watercolors, as well as zonal and jubilee exhibitions. Personal exhibitions of the artist held in Leningrad (1973, 1977, 1979) and Moscow (1974,1983).

Kostrova took an active part in the public life of Losh: for many years he was a member of a friendly court, organized a collective visit to the Hermitage, took part in the discussions.

Fire works are in museums and private collections in Russia and abroad.

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