Stepanovich Kochergin

Russia • born in 1937

Honored art worker of the RSFSR (1978), people's artist of the RSFSR (1988), laureate of the State prize of the USSR (1978, 1984). He was born 22 Sep 1937 in Leningrad. In 1952-1954 he studied at the secondary art school at the Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture named I. E. Repin. In 1955 he graduated from evening art school named after V. Serov. In 1956-1960 he studied at the Leningrad state Institute of theatre, music and cinematography (LGITMiK, now spgati) on the theatrical production faculty (course Director, T. G. Bruni). Upon graduation, he worked at the Maly state academic theatre of Opera and ballet. In 1961 he enrolled in the creative team, the Art Fund, on a contractual basis designed productions and variety programs in different houses of culture of Leningrad workers of education, named after S. M. Kirov "red Vyborzhets", Lensovet and others. One of the first independent works Kochergin was the design of the play the Ocean by Stein in the Drama theatre of the Carpathian military district.

In 1963-1966 he worked as chief artist of the Leningrad regional theater of drama and Comedy, he has designed productions King Vodokrut E. Schwartz (dir. A. Kokovkin, 1963), Malena graça M. Kulish (dir. E. Schiffers, 1964), Sergei Yesenin solo performance V. Kharitonov (dir. D. katysheva, 1964), Between the showers Stein (dir. G. Gurevich, 1964), GM prom I. Stemler (dir. Gurevich, 1966) and others. The decision of the scenographic environment of the play Malena graça Kochergin gave reason to consider himself a local artist, speaking "harsh language of symbols", but all his future work was clear evidence that the artist alien any certainty and directness of utterance. His stage images subtly and unobtrusively appeal to the consciousness and feeling, to complex associative perception. In 1966-1972 he worked as chief artist of the Leningrad drama theater named after V. F. Komissarzhevskaya, с1970 in 1974 led composition course at the faculty of Leningrad state Institute of theatre, music and cinema named after A. Ostrovsky. In the theater komissarjevskaya Kochergin has designed productions Mr. Puntilla and his servant Matti-B. Brecht (dir. R. Agamirzyan, 1966), the Prince and the pauper by M. TWAIN (1967), the old Man Gorky (dir. Agamirzyan, 1968), of mice and Men J. Steinbeck (dir. G. Tovstonogov and Agamirzyan, 1969) and others. For the design of the play the old Man was awarded the diploma of the 1st degree all-Russian festival of drama and children's theater, dedicated to 100-anniversary of birth of Gorky (1968). She is the winner of various exhibitions and festivals, winner of the Silver and Gold medals at the International Triennale of scenography in Novi Sad (Yugoslavia, 1975 x 1978). Designed the performances at the Russian drama theater in Tallinn, the youth Theatre named after Lenin Komsomol in Krasnoyarsk, Pskov drama theater, Russian Theatre in Tbilisi, worked in theatres of Moscow — TSTSA, Small, theater of drama and Comedy on Taganka, "contemporary" and others.

From 1972 Kochergin worked as a chief artist of the Bolshoi drama theatre named after M. Gorky, he has designed productions of Moliere by M. Bulgakov (dir. S. Yursky, 1973), Last summer in Chulimsk by A. Vampilov (dir. G. Tovstonogov, 1974), the Story of a horse by L. Tolstoy (dir. M. Rozovsky, 1975), a Young housewife Niskavuori H. vuolijoki (dir. J. Mittica, 1976), Wolves and sheep by A. Ostrovsky (dir. G. Tovstonogov, 1980), At the bottom of Gorky (dir. Georgy Tovstonogov) and many others. He worked in various theaters in Leningrad. Milestone in the creation Kochergina was the meeting with the Director L. Dodin. In collaboration, they created the plays the Robber, K. Capek, Nedorosl D. Fonvizin, Live and remember Rasputin, V., Meek, F. Dostoevsky, In the direction of the sun by A. Volodin and others. Worked with G. Janowska, B. Ravenskikh, E. Padve, K. Ginkas. His art is loaded with deep ideas and harsh force. The artist is full of anxiety for the fate of his characters, sensitively responding to the threat to their spiritual peace and prosperity. Lately, prepares performances in St. Petersburg and in Moscow: hamlet by W. Shakespeare (Theater on Pokrovka, dir. S. Artsybashev, 1997), Boris Godunov by M. Mussorgsky (New Opera house, dir. V. Belyakovich, 1998), don Quixote (Et cetera, directed by A. Morph, 1999), Meek Dostoevsky (the Satire Theatre, dir. V. Pluchek, 1999).

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