Karpovich Krainev

Russia • 1872−1949

Student of the Academy of Arts from 1890 to 1894, he Received medals: in 1891 - 2 silver; in 1892 - 2 and 1 silver; in 1893 - 1 silver; In 1897 - the title of the artist for the painting "the Story"; in 1898, sent a pensioner of the Academy of Arts abroad. Teacher in the Odessa school of drawing. (Kondakov)

Born in the village Lozarevo, Kaluga province. In 1883 – 1890 he studied at ORCHIES, in the 1890s 1894 – in St. Petersburg Academy of arts. In 1891 he received a second silver medal, in 1892, the second and the first silver medal, in 1893 – the first silver medal. In 1897 he received the title of artist for the painting "the Story". In 1898 he was sent abroad as a pensioner of arts. In 1900 he participated in a scientific expedition headed by academician N. Kondakov. Taught at OXY from 1901. Member Church since 1916. In Soviet times, actively participated in art exhibitions, led teaching. A member and Exhibitor Of the island to them. K. Kostandi (1925 – 1929). In 1931 – 1934 he taught at the Nicholas art College, since 1935 – in OXY (Professor since 1935). The honored worker of arts of the USSR from 1941. In 1942 – 1942 exhibited works in Romanian "Salonul Oficial", he continued teaching. Author of articles on problems of historical painting.

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