Martin van

Netherlands • 1498−1574

Dutch painter Maarten van Heemskerk (Heemskerk) studied in Haarlem and Delft, but a decisive role in his artistic formation played J. van Scorel, workshop in Utrecht, which he entered as an apprentice. Following the teacher Heemskerk visited Italy (1532 - 1536), where he executed many sketches of ancient monuments. A huge influence on him the work of Michelangelo. Famous works: "Calvary". The Hermitage, St. Petersburg; "SV. Luke painting the Madonna". 1532. The Museum Franz Hals, Haarlem; "Family portrait". 1530. Picture gallery, Kassel.

Netherlandish painter. He studied in Haarlem with K. Willems, Delft with J. Lucas in Utrecht from Scorel. In 1532-1536 visited Italy, including Rome, where was influenced by Michelangelo made sketches of ancient monuments. He worked in Haarlem (with 1537). In 1572, settled in Amsterdam.


Creativity Heemskerck is characteristic of late Mannerist phase of the Dutch Romanism. In his multi-figured altar paintings, sometimes colossal in size, due to the influence of Michelangelo. The characters of his works are bold angles and dynamic poses (triptych Calvary, St. Petersburg, State. The Hermitage). The complexity and sophistication of the compositional characteristic of the painting of St. Luke painting the Madonna (1532, Haarlem, Museum Franz Hals); modern costumes of the protagonists, is a purely professional gesture of St Luke suggests in the depicted real-life prototypes.


In portrait painting the artist achieve a more distinctive and original. Household furniture which is placed the model ceases to become a practical environment, and becomes an important tool of the spiritual characteristics of the image. In the Portrait of Anne Codd (1529, Amsterdam, Rijksmuseum) and young woman are shown at a spinning wheel, which underlines its thrift and thriftiness. Family portrait (1530, Kassel, Art gallery), one of the earliest works of this kind of portrait painting in the Northern Renaissance. The atmosphere of comfort and peace is transmitted by the immediacy and liveliness of the poses and facial expressions of kids, the quiet dignity of the figures of the parents. Table with abundant still life, anticipating the rapid development of the independent genre of this kind, complementing the General impression of peace and prosperity.

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