Evgenievich Kropivnitsky

Russia • 1922−1994

Son Of E. L. Kropivnitsky. He studied at the Mosk. the Institute of applied and decorative arts – MVHPU (1939-41). A participant of the war. In 1946-56 was in prison and exile, and in 1956 returned to Moscow. The representative of "unofficial" Sov. art. Participant of exhibitions since 1957. Composition in the abstract surrealist manner.

Schedule. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Father is an artist and poet. The son was also an artist and poet. Began writing poetry before the war. In his youth he was fond of symbolists and futurists. Appeared in Moscow in 1956 and soon made a name for himself in abstract painting. As Vlad.The kulaks, the basis of poetics of Lev Kropivnitsky is absurd and paradoxical. "Lev Kropivnitsky poetry, says fists, not a means of lyrical expressions (poetry no means, but a goal), but above all one of the possibilities of penetration into the region of ontological entities Verses of Lev Kropivnitsky, not so much lyric poetry, how much poetic metaphysics, a kind of linguistic model of the world, sacred "inbasic". It must be emphasized that the famous poetry Lianozovo group Kropiwnicki has only an indirect value (mainly through my dad, sister and her husband, artist Oskar Rabin).

(Vyacheslav Ogryzko)

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