Zinovievich Kryzhevsky

Ukraine • 1918−1992

1934 - 1929 - graduated from the Kharkiv art College.

1939 - 1946 - fought, injured (burned in the tank).

1946 - 1951 - graduated from the Kharkov art Institute.

1951 - moving with his family to Odessa.

1951 - 1958 - Director and teacher at the Odessa art school.

From 1949 - participant of art exhibitions.

Since 1954 - member of the artists Union.

1974 - Honored artist of Ukraine.

For the work were awarded orders and medalyami diploma of the USSR Academy of arts.

Gregory Krajewski belongs to that generation of artists that defined the face of twentieth-century art. He was born and received his art education in Kharkov, but in Odessa, where he was appointed Director of the art school, he emerged as an artist, sincerely fell in love with a wonderful city by the sea, which became the city of his destiny. As a member of the city arts Council he did much to preserve the historical center of Odessa, its cultural and artistic heritage, unique architectural ensembles. While still a student, started the exhibition activity of the artist.

The first creative exhibition of the report was held in 1949. Since that time Kryzewski becomes a regular participant in all important art exhibitions in Ukraine and abroad. His personal exhibitions were always a bright event in cultural life. One of them with great success for 10 years traveled the cities of Ukraine. The artist attracted attention with its vivid creative style, major intense color, a General cheerful mood, energetic brushstroke, high culture and refinement of the texture of the painting surface. Krajewska subject to all the genres of thematic painting, portrait, still life, landscape. The paintings inherent in understanding the philosophical problems of life. This painting "the field hospital Soldiers", "Odessa", the triptych "the Unknown sailor", "We're back, Odessa!" – on the subject of war, he was a tanker from the first to the last day.

Romance theme of the sea and its workers is embodied in the films "the Dock workers of Ilyichevsk. Team A. Korsuka", "Dock shop", "Ilyichevsk. SECOND district", "ship repair", "Coal dock". Sea Krajewski ardently loved all my life, starting every day from the sunrise on the beach. The evidence of this love – hundreds of marine landscapes ("boats on shore", "the Crimea. Rocky shore", "Seiner", "Spring. Boat repair", "hurzuf. Morning on the dock", "Fishing boats", "hadzhibey". The harmony of man and nature embodied in the films "Desnianskyi girls", "Chernihiv. Dried flax”. A significant place in the creative heritage of the artist takes the still life, which he considered a school of excellence. In still lifes the artist captures the beauty and importance of the material world (still lifes "South", "Rural", "Restoration. Area workshop", "Antique finds", "lilac", "Natalin area", "the Last still life").

Kryzewski was a master of portrait. He wrote to people for the most part of his close-minded, interesting, distinguishing. They created a gallery of portraits: artists Svyatoslav of God, Nicholas Shelyuto, Vitaly Petrov, Miron Kipnis, Vyacheslav Tokarev; writers Oleksy Sequence, Butrova Alexander, Vladimir Ivanovich, Igor Neverov, Vladimir Domnina; actress Lyudmila Width, with whom he had a sincere friendship. Permanent nature, a true Muse of the artist, was his wife Antonina Semenovna – a loyal friend and assistant for nearly 50 years.

The exhibition presents an intimate family portraits of his wife and daughter Svetlana. The pinnacle of portrait art Kryzhevskaya can be considered his "self-portrait with a brush" in 1969, which was exhibited in the Tretyakov gallery in Moscow, unique in the history of the exhibition "self-Portrait in Russian and Soviet art", where Ukraine was represented by only 4 of the artist. But why artistic talent G. Kryzhevskaya impact in the landscape. He traveled a lot, each time bringing hundreds of sketches, which often have the value of the completed works.At the exhibition you can see the sketches from the earliest (1948-1949 R. R.) to the last year of life (1991). A characteristic feature of creativity Kryzhevskaya is that he never repeats, has memorized colors.

Surprisingly well the master felt and conveyed the subtle nuances of flavor inherent in this state of nature, gently lyrical subdued colouring of the Baltic States ("In the mouth of the Dvina", "the Riga seaside", "Latvian landscape", "Jurmala"), silvery beauty of snowy region ("the Village of Svistukha on Klyazma", "Winter. Birch"), dazzling sun of the Crimea ("the Crimea. Hot day in September", "crab Cove. Rock" "Crimea.October"), the bright greenery of the Carpathians ("Verkhovyna", "Berezansky pass" or "Green Carpathians"), the banks and steppe native Odessey ("Odessa. Langeron", "Golden cliffs of Consolation", "Spring. Burn leaves", "Late autumn"), forest area of Chernihiv, Kyiv, Kharkiv, Russia ("Raining Again", "the Donbass. The high sky", "the Herd in the forest, Birch. Green noise", "In the woods", "Vulcanesti", "Village pelinei").

For over 40 years, stood Grigory Zinovyevich Kryzewski at the easel. In any season, in any weather you could see the artist at work in nature under the snow and rain, under the hot sun and among autumn mist – he worked tirelessly. Creative heritage of the artist is huge. Hundreds of works spread in all continents during the life of the artist. 45 museums in Ukraine and abroad have in their collections his works.

After the fall of the "iron curtain" works Kryzhevskaya exhibited in the most prestigious auctions and in the galleries of Europe: in the gallery Gekosso Tokyo; Drouot Richelieu, 'arcole – Paris; Auctioneers Glerum Amsterdam; Kunstauktion Peter Karbstein – Dusseldorf; Campo – Antverpen and others. He died in the Prime creative force, filled with ideas, plans, ideas. The artist's life does not end with his departure to eternity. Remain works in which the embodied soul of the CREATOR, which he bequeathed to us, their descendants. AND THE IMMORTAL LOVE OF LIFE.

Important dates in the life Kievskogo year salary. 1918 – was born in Kharkov. 1934-1939 – graduated from the Kharkiv art College. Teachers Yatsenko, V. F., M. Deregus 1939-1946 – fought, was wounded, shell-shocked. 1946-1951 – graduated from Kharkov art Institute. Teachers M. Deregus, Kotov, Bondarenko. 1951 – moving with his family to Odessa forever. 1951-1958 – Director and teacher at the Odessa art school. Since 1949 – participant of art exhibitions. Since 1954 – member of the artists Union. Since 1974 – the Deserved artist of Ukraine.

For the work awarded with the state orders and medals, the diploma of the Academy of arts of the USSR, diplomas of the Supreme Council of Ukraine and the USSR. The name Gregory Kryzhevskaya immortalized on a plaque in Odessa and Kharkov, listed in encyclopedias and reference books, the world encyclopedia of artists of the twentieth century, which is published in Germany.

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