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Nikolaevich Kuzminkov

born in 1925

Painter, graphic artist, muralist, sculptor. Member of the Union of artists of the USSR.

Born: 1925, Mariupol. Graduated from Kharkiv art College (1947-1951)..With. Slipchenko, L. fitileva, thesis "Stalin speaks in the underground." His first teacher considers G. K. Bandrika. Works in the genre of portraiture, thematic paintings. Author of numerous monumental works in Mariupol (1963), Slavic, Artemovsk, Berdyansk, S. Urzuf ( Donetsk region), monuments to the poet G. chiropractor (1992, S. M. Anisol, Donetsk region), Metropolitan Ignatius (1998, Mariupol), "Soldier–liberator" ( Mariupol), etc. (all co-authored with V. K. Konstantinov). Works in the technique of mosaic, encaustic, stained glass, decorative and monumental sculpture). The total area of the mosaics and frescoes up to 2000 sq. m. was Fond of graphics - linocuts for handwritten copies of "Kobzar" in translations of Greek authors, are in museums: T. H. Shevchenko (Kyiv), the Russian National library (Moscow), Mariupol KM. The author of the local history essays and articles on art. Member of the Board of the Mariupol society of Greeks (one of the first initiators of its creation). Party foreign (1992, Paris), all-Union and Republican exhibitions. Personally: 1959, Mariupol (jointly with L. N. Gadi). Awarded diploma of the Presidium of the Board of the Union of artists of the USSR (1968). Work is held in the Donetsk XM, Mariupol KM, KG, Krasny Luch (Lugansk region), in private collections in Ukraine, Greece, England, Belgium, Russia and other countries.

(Alexander Chernov - art)

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