Abramovich Lapovok

Russia • born in 1933

Biography and information

Born in Moscow in 1933.

In 1947-53 he studied at mshsh at Institute. V. I. Surikov

In 1960 graduated from the faculty of applied art of Moscow Textile Institute

In 1969 he graduated from the directing Department GITIS

From 1961 a member of the Union of Theatrical figures of Russia

Since 1976 member of the International Federation of artists "UNESCO"

Since 2007 member of the Creative Union of Professional Artists

Worked as theatre artist, is engaged in book illustration, animal painting, easel graphics (watercolor), painting.

Exhibitions of the last years:

1999 – Central house of arts

2000 – Building of the Embassy of the Czech Republic

2000 – Central House of journalists

2003 – chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation

2004 – presidential Administration

2009 – Russian State Duma

From 1997 to 2009 has presented 12 solo exhibitions in the Central house of artists:

"One hundred sheets of graphics", "memories of the USSR", "Picturesque Russia",

"Park. Palace. Estate", "Cruise Moscow−Europe", etc.

2010 − exhibition "Retrospective" in the framework of the project "international Artsalon −


Works are in the collections of the Central theater Museum. A. A. Bakhrushin, in the gallery "Moscow collection", in art museums of Yaroslavl, in private collections.

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