Mikhailovich Laptev

Russia • 1905−1965

Biography and information

He studied in 1929 he graduated from the graphic faculty of the higher art and technical Institute, Moscow, P. I. Lvov, N. N. Of kupreyanov. He lived in Moscow.From 1925 he worked as a painter and Illustrator for several magazines. Cooperates with book publishing houses of Moscow. Author of books-textbooks for art schools. * In 1944, awarded a diploma of I-th degree of the Committee on Affairs of arts at SNK the USSR for the cycle of drawings "the Military series" 1942-1943. Participant of exhibitions: including many Republican, all-Union, foreign; personal: 1938, 1949 – Moscow. Member of the CX. Corresponding member AH the USSR. Honored artist of the RSFSR. Awarded medals of the USSR. The author of illustrations to the works of classical Russian and Soviet literature, including books for children. Worked in the field of easel graphics on modern and historical topics, as well as in the sculpture of small forms.