Nikolaevich Latyntsev

Russia • born in 1949

Biography and information

Born in the city of Vichuga in Ivanovo region. He studied at the Ivanovo art College (1964 - 1972). Member of the Union of artists of Russia since 1989.

Participant of art exhibitions since 1973. The artist's works are exhibited at the all-Russian, interregional, regional, city exhibitions. Solo exhibitions were held in Moscow (1999 - 2000), Murmansk (1978), Veliky Ustyug (1982, 1999).

Has lived and worked in Veliky Ustyug in 1982. The works are in Vologda regional art gallery, historical Velikoustugsky-arhitekturium and art Museum-reserve, in private collections in Russia and abroad.

The artist works in oil painting in the genres of historical narrative and thematic paintings, landscape, portrait, still-life; deals with graphics in the technique of watercolor in the genre of landscape. Major works 1980-1990-ies: a historical and architectural landscapes of the Great Ustyug, historical and genre paintings of urban life in the Great Ustyug, lyrical-romantic landscapes of the Russian North.

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