Konstantinovich Leventsev

Russia • born in 1930

Member of the Union of artists of the USSR. In 1945-1950 he studied at the Palekh art school. Since 1950 worked in the Association of Palekh artists (1954 - Palekh art-production workshops). Themes of works: folklore, literature.

B. 12.04.1930, Karabash (Chelyabinsk region). Father E. N. Leontevoj. Studied at the Palekh art school (1946-50)... Pravdina, A. M. Parilov, D. N. Butorin, Department of book graphics Moscow polygraphic Institute (1958-62) B. A. Sholokhov, V. S. Zhitenev, A. P. Zhurov; MGHI them. V. M. Surikov (1962-64) B. V. Skuridina, Y. M. Sokolov, P. D. Pokarzhevsky, V. E. Artamonova. Member of artists Union (since 1970).

Known as the author of genre works, historical paintings, portraits, artist-painter who continues the traditions of Russian realistic school. Performed works "After an illness" (1969), "Musician", "Artist A.V. Hlamov" (both 1970), "the piano" (1971), "Mashenka" (1974), "shift", "Dostoevsky" (both 1980), "the Artist M. G. dolls" (1991), "Stepan Razin" (1999), "Outing" (2001), "portrait of a young man", "Portrait of Helen" (both 2004); graphic series: "Mine" (1966), "the Siege of the Lavra" (1967).

Participant of exhibitions (since 1966), including: all-Union exhibition of diploma works of students of art universities of the country (Moscow, 1966), exhibition of diploma works at the Academy of arts of the USSR (Leningrad, 1964), "50 years of the MOOSKH" (Moscow, 1966), zonal exhibition "In unison" (1967), "my Moscow" (Moscow, 1968), zonal exhibition of artists of Central regions of Russia (Ivanovo, 1974), regional exhibitions of works of artists of Moscow to the 100th anniversary of the birth of V. I. Lenin (Moscow, 1970), regional exhibition of artists of Moscow, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Great October revolution (Moscow, 1977), exhibition of artists of Moscow and Moscow region to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the defeat of the Germans near Moscow (Moscow, 1981), zonal art exhibition "Moscow" (Moscow, 1980, 1984, 1990), the exhibition devoted to Day of Victory in the great Patriotic war (Moscow, 1975, 1990, 1995), shows Dmitrov artists (Dmitrov, Moscow region, 1976-95), "Autumn salon" (Sergiev Posad, 1998 – 3rd prize; 2000, 2002, 2004 – honorable mention).

Exhibition of works of L. took place in 1981 (Dmitrov, Moscow region), 1982 (Dolgoprudny, Moscow reg.), 2001, 2004 (Sergiev Posad, Moscow region). Works have been presented at auctions in Paris (1990-94) and London (1995-99).

The work of L. are stored in the collection of the SPMZ, private collections in Russia and Western Europe, galleries in France, United Kingdom, Spain.

The exhibition of L. was held in 2002 (Dolgoprudny, Moscow reg.), 2001, 2004 (Sergiev Posad).

LITERATURE: N. Leventsev. Album. – Sergiev Posad, 2002. Illustrated art book: the encyclopedia of Artists of the Moscow region. 1300 biographies. – M., 2002. – S. 204. DIRECTORY: IV zone exhibition "Artists of Central regions of Russia":. – Ivanovo, 1974. – S. 14. – Autumn salon. – Sergiev Posad, 1998. – S. 6. – Autumn salon-2000. – Sergiev Posad, 2000. – S. 12, 14. – Autumn salon-2002. – Sergiev Posad, 2002. – S. 13. – Autumn salon-2004: K-g painting, graphics and sculpture. – Sergiev Posad, 2004. – S. 12. – PERIODICALS: Forward (Sergiev Posad). – 2001. – 18 August (N. Ledovskaya. To find yourself in the picture). [49]

J. J., L. M.

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