Konstantinovich Levin

Russia • 1918−1985

Biography and information


Born in Maksimov Vladimir region.

Graduated from the Penza art school (1949).

A member of the artists Union since 1965


Mentor and "spiritual father" of artists, art lovers in the city in the mid-twentieth century was M. K. Levin (1918 - 1985), graduate of I. S. Kulikov, member of the Union of artists. For many years, to open in Murom art school, children studied in the Studio of M. K. Levin. He was an extraordinary, outstanding, creatively seeking personality and looked unusually like a true master: an impressive figure, long hair, intelligent, sharp eyes. He walked leaning on a staff. His speech was measured, with a particular accent, different accuracy and aphoristic nature. M. K. Levin was particularly interested in philosophy, religion, literature. He was always concerned with the very essence of creativity, the tragic fate of the people of art. M. K. Levin created the original deep portraits of Feodor Dostoevsky and Alexander Blok. Special creative success was the lyrical image of Sergei Yesenin (1961). The artist seems to "dissolve" the figure of the poet among the white birch trunks in spring grove.

The predominant genre in the works of M. K. Levin and most of Murom artists is landscape. In 1960, critics have noted the emergence of a special Vladimir school of a landscape. Works of masters of the Vladimir region feature bright, decorative effect, special color rhythm, impasto painting technique and energetic, with a broad stroke. M. K. Levin is considered one of the oldest of the Vladimir landscape painters, however, his work, like that of other urban artists individually and has a specific Murom features. In those years, the artists often went on sketching trips in the surrounding area of Moore. M. K. Levin in his paintings, he created a poem of the Russian forests. Special mysterious symbol of the local nature was, for him, pale lilac flower "sleep-grass" which first appears from under the snow, bringing the joy of awakening and renewal.

(From the article "the Art life of Murom")

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