Anatolyevich Levitin

Russia • born in 1950

Biography and information

Thesis in the CVC - "may 9," rating is good. The training took place at the picturesque faculty, qualification of artist-painter, teacher.

Was born in Leningrad. In 1974 he graduated from the Institute of painting, sculpture and architecture named I. E. Repin (workshop of A. D. Zaitsev). Member of the Union of artists of Russia since 1981, a member of the painters ' Guild of St. Petersburg. Solo exhibitions: Saint Petersburg– 1988, 1991, 1996, 1999, 2004 . the artist's Works purchased by the Museum of the Academy of fine arts (Saint Petersburg), Smolensk Museum of art. Works D. A. Levitin are kept in private collections in USA, England, France, Italy, Cyprus? Switzerland, Sweden, And Finland.