Leonidovich Leshchev

Russia • born in 1960

Biography and information

Member of the Vladimir branch of the Union of Artists of Russia since 1995, was Born in Dzerzhinsk, Gorky region. Art education in art school of Dzerzhinsk, at the Graphic art faculty of the Pedagogical Institute of the city of Vladimir, in a private Studio of drawing and painting in Moscow, where he acquired the basic skills of fine art. In-Studio training was under the leadership Grebenkova M. N. according to the method of p. P. Chistyakov. Hence the love of the classic examples of realistic art.

Victor Leshchev is a senior lecturer in VGGU. Leads special. discipline: easel composition, painting and graphics departments of fine arts and design.

Working mainly in oil painting, watercolor, acrylic. The range of the artist's work is wide: landscape, portrait, still life, genre.

Participant of exhibitions of different levels: regional, national, foreign.

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