Mikhailovich Linkov

Russia • born in 1923

He took the war to the pencil:

He ran to the draft Board on the same day, when it was announced that the war began. "Out of your mind? – met him the Commissar. – The mobilization, consider, is not started". He went there every day, championed the queue.

He did not want to take, but so very tired of this annoying kid. And it was recorded in the 18th ski reconnaissance battalion.

Was the late autumn of 1941. The mother gave a loaf of bread and a tablet with a drawing book and pencils: after all, he painted since childhood. And began the military life.

Continuous bombing, shelling, and even melee combat. Incredibly, Linkov threw in a bayonet charge 20 times... and survived! But Moscow was near. In Khot'kovo, in the front line, hell was pitch-black. Nazi planes outraged. Bombed when lighting the rockets, no place to take cover. Under the Dmitrov point-blank shot Nazi tanks. The unit in which he served Linkov, fighting liberated Yakhroma, Olga, Podyacheva, Belyy Rast, Krasnaya Polyana... fighting out of the environment. And after the battle the battalion sent under hooks. There was pandemonium: shoots literally every meter, a deafening roar, commands are not heard. But the order was: the height to take! And the order fulfilled, but at what cost! Of the five hundred soldiers survived only eight. Among them Linkov. Like a charm.

...Really, nobody is forgotten, nothing is forgotten. Not forgotten the scout Gushchin, captured with a pencil on a piece of paper. Not forgotten, the road to Dmitrov highway past the broken equipment. Not forgotten and broken shells mutilated the tops of the trees and the terrible skeleton of a charred house on the Volokolamsk direction.

A documentary record of military suburbs. In the winter of 1942, our troops drove the Nazis from Moscow.

Recent sophomore honors Linkova was sent to study in the Telegraph. Then he got into Space on the receiving-transmitting center, where he became a radioman first class. Such is the fate of the military.

Now captain, retired, member of Union of artists of Russia Alexander Mikhailovich Linkova 83. He works every day. Paints landscapes, battle scenes, friends in arms. The exhibition on Poklonnaya hill, dedicated to the 65th anniversary of the defeat of Nazi troops near Moscow, there it works. Many military decorations he has, but the most dear to him the medal "For defense of Moscow".

No. 228 (24519) 08.12.2006

Author: Lily Volkhonskaya

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