Andreevna Litvinenko

Russia • 1895−1987

Born in Kremenchug, Ukraine. Studied at Strogonovka College (1914-1917) at F. Fedorovsky. From 1917 to 1925 he visited the workshops of p. P. Konchalovsky and Robert Falk, parallel ucilist in VKhUTEMAS (up to 1925). In the 1920s exhibited at the exhibition "Moscow painters" (1925), was part of the group "Society of Moscow artists". Participated in many large collective exhibitions 30 years - such as "Socialist construction in Soviet art" (1930), "artists of the RSFSR for 15 years" (graphics, 1933), "Exhibition of young artists of Moscow" (1934), "Exhibition of paintings, drawings and sculptures of women artists" (1938), "Art exhibition of painting, graphics and sculpture by Moscow artists" in Kislovodsk (1938), "industry of socialism" (1939). From 1935 she lived in Kazakhstan. After the arrest and Rastrelli husband in 1938 he was excluded from Mosha, Lishin workshop.Was involved in organizational work - device campaign of the exhibitions "All the forces to defeat the enemy" during the war, Peredvizhnik - the post-war years working in the exhibition hall of Union of artists, she accompanied the exhibition in the Central Asian republics and Kazakhstan. In 1972 in Alma-ATA, the exhibition "the Birth of the industry of Kazakhstan" was re-shown the artist's work. Retrospective exhibition of the work took place in 1994 in the Central house of artists.

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