Alekseevich Lomtev

Ukraine • 1816−1859

Studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts. In 1845 he received the title of class artist for the painting "Angels proclaim the heavenly punishment of Sodom and Gomorrah". In the Tretyakov gallery "the Last plague in Egypt when Moses", "Fantastic landscape" and some sketches. (Kondakov)

The last two decades of the first half of the nineteenth century was a time of prosperity in the domestic painting. It employs many talented and well-trained wizard. Although the canons of academic and restricted to a large extent a manifestation of the individual characteristics of even great artists. Nikolay Petrovich (A.— according to other sources) Lomtev never belonged to the masters of the right flank of the Russian painters (even the exact middle name of the artist we do not know). Was a student of the Academy of arts. In 1845, for the painting "the Angels proclaim the heavenly punishment of Sodom and Gomorrah" was not so hot title of class artist. And yet N. Lomtev was a true and original artist. His small-size paintings, executed in accordance with the traditions of that time on religious or historical subjects (for example, "the Preaching of Savonarola in Florence," "the Apostle Andrew erected a cross on the mountains of Kiev") are distinct elements of romanticism in performance, and the individual's palette.

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