Semenovich Lopatin

Kenya • born in 1918

Biography and information

Stepan Semenovich he started fighting way in March 1942 under Sukhinichi Smolensk region and graduated in Koenigsberg. The commander of the firing platoon leader, battery commander, chief of staff of the division artillery regiment. Wounded twice.

Discharged in December 1955, after nearly fifteen years of service in the army, once went to the Tyumen company "the Artist" to show the military album of sketches, caricatures, cartoons, and was immediately accepted as a member of the team.

S. S. Lopatin tried his hand at painting, sculpting, illustration, applied arts.

Regional art gallery kept his linocut "Horse" and the series "traces of war". Through the love of the documentary drawing the artist came to the reportage genre "Live" drawing has always been close to the artist. In 1961 S. S. Lopatin has prepared a series of drawings "First oil". He continued on a Northern theme: the series of drawings "the Construction of the oil pipeline Samotlor - Tyumen - Almetevsk", "Construction of the gas pipeline Nadym - Ural".

In 1983 in Tyumen was held a personal exhibition S. S. Lopatin. On it were exhibited about three hundred paintings and drawings.

Retired major Stepan S. Lopatin was awarded three orders of "Patriotic war of I degree", order of "Patriotic war of II degree, the order "red Star", medals "For military merit", "Veteran of labor" and anniversary medals.

He was discharged in 1955 with the rank of major. Front roads passed he from Smolensk to Koenigsberg, was wounded twice, awarded orders and medals. Arriving in Tyumen, showed their drawings to the artists-professionals, was approved and decided to be creative. Before the war, Stepan Semenovich graduated from the three courses of civil engineering of the Institute. Drew skillfully, accurately. Love to documentary drawing allowed him to create many sequential sketches for the regional newspaper "Tyumen truth", where he began working in the 60-ies. He was one of the first of our artists began to travel to the North, to the oil and gas fields, the construction of the Northern Railways, oil and gas pipelines. His drawings newspaper printed many times. About the military theme, he has not forgotten and on the basis of front-line sketches created a series of engravings "traces of war". One of the works of the series — "Riding" — kept in the collections of our Museum. The veracity, accuracy, actuality of S. Lopatin has been evaluated and the staff of the local history Museum where there is a series of watercolors dedicated to the war. Many art lovers remembered for his landscapes. He lived on the outskirts of the city in the settlement Tarmany and early spring often went on sketching trips in the forest area. Discreet, solid, concise, and thorough, Stepan Semenovich worked thoughtfully and carefully. The specific details of the motif is loved all over. When in 1983 he had his first solo exhibition, it was about 300 works. He left a wonderful book about the war — the "Living memory". In the album "Roads of war", due to the current anniversary of the Victory, where the printed drawings, letters, photos of the war years, attracted the attention of the "self" Lopatin. Strong-willed manly face, a closer look. Internal stress, discipline. With all the personality is bright, the characteristic type of the great war generation.

(from article "the Legacy of soldier" Natalia Paromova, the critic, the newspaper "the Tyumen area today")

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