Vasilyevich Losev

Russia • born in 1960

Biography and information

Born in 1960 in Moscow.

1985 – graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute.

1989-91 artist-animator Studio animation

movies PILOT.

Since 1991, professionally engaged in painting,

cooperates with galleries:

in Moscow

"A-Study", "Visit", "Geoid", "cook", "Mars", "ST-Art",

"Center-M", etc.;

in England – "Mobil ART";


Member of the International Federation of Artists UNESCO

a member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia.

Lives and works in Moscow.

Main exhibitions:

1991-93 - a series of exhibitions on Malaya Gruzinskaya

1994 - diploma of the contest "Alternative". Moscow.

The Foundation of NAS. The mayor's office.

1995 "Retrospective". CHA.

1994-96 - exhibition of the Russian Fund of Culture, Centre

Spiritual Culture.

1996 - "ART Manege". International Art

Fair. "ART Moscow", Central house of artists.

1997 - winner of the Competitive Exhibition "Golden brush".CHA.

2003 - winner of the Malta international ART Biennale.

2004 - "ART-Manege". Moscow.

2005 - "ART-Manege". Moscow

- Christmas fair CHA

Personal exhibitions:

- Expocentre "The Crocus-City", "Artindustria". Moscow.


1996-2006 - International Art Salons. CHA.

2006 - exhibition "Time of change". International center for the arts. Saint-Petersburg.

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